Carpet cleaning Richmond

Richmond Cleaners provide professional carpet steam cleaning services, upholstery and rugs steam cleaning.

The package of cleaning services includes:

- Spot and stain removal
- Deep carpet cleaning
- Upholstery cleaning
- Rug cleaning
- Mattress cleaning
- Curtains cleaning.

A short description of the process:

- Richmond Cleaners’ carpet technician has to park his vehicle within walking distance of the property’s address.

- Brings his equipment and detergents on site.

- Pours hot water into the machine.

- Treats all stains, dirt patches and high traffic areas with the proper detergents.

Caret cleaners Richmond

There are detergents for all kind of stains - for coffee stains, fruit stains, make up stains. You just have to name it and we will provide them.

- Hot steam with chemicals is injected into the carpet by a professional carpet machine, afterwards the machine extracts it. The noise produced by the carpet steam cleaning machine is as loud as the one from a vacuum machine.

- The approximate drying time is 3 hours. The carpet would dry faster if there is an open window nearby

Carpet steam cleaning - prices

Carpet steam cleaning prices Richmond

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