One-off Cleaning Richmond

The One-off cleaning is a service recommendable for customers that do not need a regular cleaner but still need help with cleaning their homes once in a while.

The One-off Cleaning service is charged by the hour. The client is hiring a cleaner for as many hours they consider necessary. It will be good if the customer could make a list of priorities for the cleaner to follow.

Professional cleaning services in Richmond

Our teams of cleaners are professionally trained and vetted. They will assist you with the entire job that needs handling, and will save you time and efforts.
Contact Richmond Cleaners and book your cleaners. Our services will meet the requirements of each client. Even those who are most demanding and hard to satisfy will stay happy with our performance.

One off cleaning services in Richmond

Price: £12 per hour per cleaner.

One-off cleaning Richmond prices

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What we are offering, is local cleaning services in Richmond of highest standards so they could fully satisfy our customers.
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